Delivering Industry Leading Community Friendly Education and Content

SLVGE Labs is committed to providing quality and well researched content to the community. We strive to empower and educate YOU in the crypto and NFT space.  
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Community focused initiative to crush misinformation in the industry.

Our company was created to provide you with enhancing and empowering content on NFT’s and Crypto. For us, transparency and community are key. It’s what drives us to create a marketplace that not only gives you the resources to ‘up your game’ in the crypto and NFT market, but also allows you to participate in the market in a secure, customer-orientated environment
Our Mission
"We encourage and educate the community in the Crypto and NFT space."

Who Are We?

SLVGE Labs is a start-up in Hamilton. We seek to provide community-driven services and products that will bring the Polynesian and Māori communities within the crypto and NFT space. 

It’s owned and operated by Justin, a one-on-one and community-orientated businessman, and Brett, the big-hearted community-based crypto expert. Both entrepreneurs have been in the cryptocurrency market for over 4 years and have seen serious scams targeting Polynesian and Māori communities. They wish to change that and give the people an edge in the market with ‘top of the line’ service and education. They currently have a Facebook group with people getting the education they need to succeed in the crypto market.
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Our Memberships & Resources

Knowledge is power in the crypto space and Opportunity comes from growth. We’re working hard to offer you innovative educational resources and memberships that will provide you an edge in the market and grant you access to our genesis collection of NFTS on the Ethereum blockchain. WATCH this space for our exclusive memberships and resources for our NFT collection!
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Our NFT Collection

Watch this space for our genesis collection on the Ethereum blockchain!
Want to Know More?

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Meet The Team

Brett Elvines
Justin Nanai
Wynell Iraia
Operations Director
Destiny Iraia
Lead Artist
Dev Krishnan
Development Advisor/CTO
Nanai Tolovae Jnr
Reece Winikerei
Discord Manager
Monty Collins
Khalill G. Marsh
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We encourage and educate the community in the crypto space.
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